There is no pre-determined number of sessions for therapy to meet.  At the start, to maximize the benefit of counseling, weekly attendance is recommended.  This will help you find a rhythm to counseling and become more comfortable with how it works, come to understand what is asked of you, and how to weave the changes you’re making into your daily living.  Eventually, as you realize more and more of the changes you’ve desired, you may, in conversation with your therapist, begin to decrease the frequency of therapy.  Once the goals you’ve established for yourself in therapy are met, you’re done.  But not just done, you’re different in several good and positive ways.

It is not uncommon for clients to check in with their therapist on occasion, returning for a “booster shot.”  It’s a good way to insure you continue on the path toward greater health and wholeness, and also to discuss how to navigate any difficult bumps or potholes you’ve encountered.